Restaurant Krvavec

Restaurant Krvavec, high above the clouds on the ski slopes, represents a true gourmet oasis with a stunning view of the snow-covered mountain peaks. With its unique atmosphere and elegant design, it offers guests an unforgettable culinary experience. Freshly prepared specialties of local ingredients and a top-notch wine list are just a few reasons why Restaurant Krvavec is a popular destination among skiers and nature lovers.

Guests can enjoy delicious dishes, such as traditional mountain specialties, freshly caught seafood, and exquisite desserts, all accompanied by premium wines and local beers. The restaurant is adorned with warm wooden elements, creating a cozy atmosphere inviting relaxation after an active day of skiing.

Plaža Krvavec

The Plaža Krvavec bar is a true surprise of the mountain ski resort. With its relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of a coastal environment, it offers a unique experience at high altitude. This innovative space combines enjoying sunbathing on comfortable loungers with a breathtaking view of the surrounding peaks.

Plaža Krvavec is known for its wide selection of drinks made from local ingredients and tasty snacks that enhance your skiing days.

Both dining establishments, Restaurant Krvavec and Plaža Krvavec, represent an integral part of the skiing experience, where top-notch cuisine and a unique atmosphere blend with the vibrancy of the mountain environment.

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